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As the undisputed leader in design, quality and durability, we aim to be the world´s top provider of mobile, modular front cooking and buffet solutions.

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Anti-bacterial laminate:  Certified effectiveness


With laminate veneer antibacterial, MEC2 provides an antibacterial surface that offers extra protection at places where cleanliness alone is not enough. At hospitals, doctor’s practices, labs, industrial kitchens, in sanitation and at food presentations: livecookintable® laminate veneer antibacterial is food-safe and destroys 99.9% of bacteria within just 24 hours, making it the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive and heavily frequented areas. The effectiveness of the product has also been certified by the ISEGA, a research and testing institute (isega.de). The majority of the seven bacteria tested are strains that are particularly common in the health and food sector.

Properties, processing and environmental compatibility: livecookintable® laminate veneer is among other things shock-resistant, scratch-proof, wear, abrasion, heat, and light-resistant, non-sensitive regarding stains, easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to vapour, solvents and most chemicals.

1.4301 / AISI 304 stainless steel:  Inert & fingerprint-proof


livecookintable® laminate veneer can be designed with a flame-resistant and anti-bacterial surface. During production, use and in terms of disposal, livecookintable® laminate veneer is easy on the environment. The durability of laminate veneer actively protects the environment.

Special surface coating for livecookintable® fronts


livecookintable® buffet blinds made of vegan synthetic leather has innovative and special properties. Due to its special product properties, the coated, synthetic leather is particularly suitable for the utilisation on furniture used in the food sector, especially in sensitive areas, such as hospitals, old people’s homes and retirement homes. livecookintable® synthetic leather is extremely easy to clean, very comfortable and beyond that fulfills high demands in terms of design.


The “Plus” in livecookintable® indicates a special resistance against, oil, grease, bodily fluids/droplets. An innovative coating ensures excellent surface protection and makes the surface highly resistant against abrasion. Our materials even comply with the law on medicinal products, as the surface can be designed with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coating upon request.
Furthermore, the material is flame-resistant (acc. to the B2 standard of DIN, the German Institute of Standardisation), resistant to disinfectants and extremely lightfast. Their durability, robustness and the fact that they are easy to clean make livecookintable® materials very cost-efficient as well.